Have a Ball (of Love)

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Why do things such as these happen?

Is it an exercise expelling some internal discord?


We always want harmony, love and peace.

But we don’t know how to get when we are denied or when are rejected.

Life simply follows physical law.

If you throw a ball on the wall, it rebounds and comes back to you with the same force.

Our thoughts and emotions are like balls thrown at the opposite person.

When we refuse to forgive, we will not be forgiven.

Send a forgiving note you will get back the same.

Send ball of love, which will be returned to you as the ball of love.

Do and do, till we get the same love back.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. So simple! It’s extraordinary the timing because I realized just as you have said yesterday myself. Thank God.

  2. SIR ,
    I was angry with one of my friend and so out of anger i texted some messages and cause of this my friend is more angry i tried to call and ask sorry texted messages but
    he is neither taking calls and neither responding for my messages….what should i do now sir ??i know it was my fault i could not control my anger…..but how to reduce his anger so that he calms down and talks me …plz

  3. usually after son’s marriage parents start having issues and bitterness with son.. and even with her daughter in law…. what parents can do to have good relationship with their son and daughter in law..

  4. at the end of a life of total sacrifice and devotion to her partner in dharma, didn’t mother sita cry in anguish and say mother take me into your lap, I can’t take this anymore till mother earth parted to gather her pain. this was in spite of having maryada purush sri rama as husband and it being satya yug! if it is ball comes that comes back as pain and suffering (or joy and happiness) wat ball did mother sita throw?

  5. r
    The wonderful question
    Rama and sita, yes they loved each other very intensely. Nothing can separate them. They had so much of trust in each other.
    Then why did Rama deport S ita just for the sake of one dhiobi who questioned the chastity of sita.
    Is it because Ram also had the same doubt about Sita in him.
    No ! it is a categorical No.
    Rama’s love for Sita was so total and complete – we can also say they both represent the ideal husband wife relationship – that he could not have an iota of doubt at all.
    Then why did he deported Sita to her utter dismay.
    Rama was the one person who could understand the mass psychology better than anybody else.
    Had he ignored the comment of the dhobi, thinking, “ I know better; My Sita is beyond all this”
    How many false stories would have been concocted, down the history tarnishing the image of sita!
    Because Ram did not want this to happen , he took the harsh decision against his own will.
    For Rama, protecting Sita’s character was more important. Can anyone bear if his wife is blamed as characterless?
    Think how tormented he would have been, before taking the decision.
    Rama had total trust in her.
    He is happily bearing all the blames people have been inflicting on him, just for the sake of his love for Sita.
    Sita’s name is more important for which he sacrificed his name, taking the blame on him.
    Rama’s action is the vindication of Divine love.

    On the day of SRI RAMA NAVAMI (19-4-2013), let us have the blessing of the most Divine couple Sita and Rama

    • Thank you sir. for the beautiful reply and blessing. unlike some ppl. i dont ‘blame’ rama-my ques was on fate of woman, what ball did sita throw that came back at her? as i see bhadrakalis like drama queens have their boyfriends/husbands living in mortal fear, buying them diamonds,asking how high dear? when wife/gf says, ‘jump!’ , while those who suffer in silence,suffer silently and the post says, life is ball.

  6. at least they can call it sitaram navami.not even one festival to honor mother sita..

  7. my husband has left me and my daughter and gone to his mother.we want him to come back.

  8. my wife bad releationship with another person, what can i do

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