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Life is not a war to win or lose


Don’t see anything outside. See within.

Address your emotions. The same emotional state will bring the same results outside. Without changing your state of mind, you cannot affect an iota of change outside in anybody.

Only higher emotions like forgiveness, love will help you.

Your present emotional state, every second alters – your inside chemistry and your nervous breakdown vindicates that.

When do our nerves (communication channel) break down? When you ignore the message of the body? You have a nervous breakdown because you are unable to bear what is happening around you.

But your body wants you “to bear”, to endure”. Endurance only will bring in what you want.

Having vengeance will bring in more vengeance. Having hatred will make others hate you more.

“Can they not be taught a lesson?” This thought will teach “you” a lesson.

“Will they not change?” The body asks back to you, “Will you not change?”

Will I not win?” Win yourself first. Win your emotions and thoughts first. Evolve with higher emotions. You will win.



16 months back my husband and me had been separated.

There is no legal divorce yet. He does not see me at all and says he will never come back. I am in great agony because of this. Is there any chanting that can help for him and the lady free themselves from their entanglement?

Naran asked me to write “TOGETHER DIVINE” daily for 56 times.

he also asked me to chant “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” as many times as possible.

he continued,” Chant as many times as possible, anytime, anywhere, silently or loudly.

Do the forgiving exercise for the lady involved with your husband.

Make your relationship a happy one

Referring the article:


You made my day with the process of RELEASING my OWN Attitude, which I noted as BAD in My wife. Now I trust that when my attitude changes, it impacts my wife and changes it similarly.

Please tell me HOW long one should chant on each attitude in the given day and how long we could see the Change both in me and my wife too.


Do it, till you find change in her.


I am having a relationship. He is nice though from other community. Now, his family is fixing his marriage and he is not having that guts to tell them no for that and accept me. I got angry.

But after reading this article, I realized that 5 months before I had done the same with him and asked him to leave me.  How can I follow this process now? And can two people of opposite religion live happy together with divine grace?


Making a relationship a happy one is in our hands. Finding a relationship is in divine hands.


Can I do anything to release what I had done?  I agree with you that happiness is in our hand. At least we can pray to divine to make us lovable n understanding?


Be lovable and understanding. Cultivate it. Giving love without expecting anything in return makes one lovable.


Can we do this for all situations, especially in social and in situations where we have issues communicating with people we work with? This seems to be feeling-based. I am asking about communicating. Both are the same at one level. So, can we do this release chant?


Yes you can do. The Bach flower Remedy (here Chicory is used) will change the mental state.

If you can’t identify the name of the flower, just say, without the flower name. For example, “I release my possessive nature”.

It feels like hell

Jayant Sing

I live with my girlfriend. She has a very jealous nature and a very bad temper. She argues over tiny things, making it a big deal. I keep quite thinking to cool it down so as to not to aggravate the situation.

But, then she doesn’t talks to me for 4 days. Then she acts as if nothing happened and blames me for the entire thing.

When we are in good terms it feels like heaven. I would really appreciate if we can avoid this and get some help from you.




Temper tantrums: “She argues over tiny things”; emotional blackmailing: she doesn’t talk to me for 4 days: CHICORY

For over-sensitivity and jealousy: HOLLY


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Confrontation no more


What is specialty of Pran Mudra in addition to savings?

Every family will have arguments and conflicts. If it doesn’t happen then it is not a family. All of us are wearing a mask and have come here. Some might have fought with their husbands to come to this class.

This Pran Mudra says, “Don’t enter into any argument”.  When the opposite person resist or gets angry with you, be in this Mudra. For one full day, be in that Mudra. Don’t react to that person’s provocation but just smile at him.

Automatically, the person will physically abandon himself because he doesn’t know how to react to your smiling face. Or he will reduce his anger.

This is the best way to handle the other man’s anger, because handling other man’s anger is always interesting to us.

This Pran Mudra contains both water and earth elements. Outside us – the Earth is made up off by forming particles. Earth materials help us construct a building.

Similarly, the earth element of Pran Mudra helps in building up our body, to build our body immunity, to increase weight, to increase the sperm count and to develop our motherly nature.

It also can help us in our earnings too….

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Rekindle Relationships


I liked this guy and suddenly things got really serious in us that we planned everything together. But after going out for two years he just totally shut me off.

Due to lot of arguments he totally broke all the contacts and relationship with me. Even lot of apologies didn’t helped and everything ended in very bad way.

It’s been year that we never contacted each other. Till today I am so hurt, and still some part of me want him back.

I tried to forget and move on with my life but thought of him not being a part of me is killing me. I don’t want to contact him because all the things he said to me.

I still have feeling for him and want rekindle the broken relationship so all the mistakes I did can repair and be together with each other.

I pray so he can make contact with me or in any way the broken communication opens so we can clear our negativity and start a stronger and better relationship than before.

Instead of focusing on my life, he’s in my brain all the time. I don’t know how to let go of it or how to fix this.


You have to let go this relationship and be peaceful.

Chant “WHITE CHESTNUT WALNUT CRAB APPLE CHICORY” 100 times over a glass of water and drink this water. Do this two times daily.

In the night, keep you index finger at the base of the thumb and let the thumb touch the tips of little and ringer fingers. Be in this Mudra (both hands) chanting “TOGETHER OPEN DIVINE LOVE, BEAUTY, GRACE” and sleep.

Can’t propose to girl of my heart


I love one girl. She talks to me but don’t know whether she loves or not.

But my life will fill with joy if she is my wife.  Now what to do?

I am worried about my love and i am asleep every night because i am missing her.

I can’t propose her because i am afraid what if she says no to me?


If you love a person ask immediately without hesitation.



CENTAURY: to be assertive

GENTIAN: not to feel dejected if “no” is the answer

CHERRY PLUM: to talk sweetly and ask her

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