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Sending Love


It’s a very wonderful article – “Relationship with Your Parents = Relationship with Others”:

How can we have good relationships with in-laws? Why always there is some insecurity, disharmony in this relationship?

Parents of a girl and parents of a boy, both should be treated equally. After all both are parents. If one be grateful for his/her parents, does the relationship with in-laws will also improve?

Why after marriage of a son, parents get usually upset?  They start seeing faults, blaming son and daughter-in-law even for small things. How one can be perfect this much? Even son and daughter-in-law may have same feeling for them!

How both can have normal relationship (unconditional) with each other?


In any healing, one should think about oneself only.

One should give love irrespective of whether he is receiving love or being blamed or criticized.

Expecting others to behave as per our wish will not work because each one is different – each one’s background, learning, upbringing, views and opinions are totally different. Only opposites are attracted to be in one place, so that we learn the art of living in co-existence within a family.

How to change oneself by asking some relevant questions?

Where am I now? There is disharmony in the family.

What do I want? I want harmony in the family.

How do I maintain this problem? Or how do I contribute – my thoughts, my opinions, and my behavior, to this disharmony?

Or what is in me that maintains this disharmony?

How can I get harmony?

How will I change to get harmony?

Why can’t I solve it?

How could I make this harmony possible?

What is required to have harmony?

You said that one should give love irrespective of whether he is receiving or being blamed or criticized. That is fine!

Sending love means what? Is it always thinking well about in-laws, parents, loved ones or is it seeing good in them or is it always to say “yes” to them, whatever they expect from me?

Are we allowed to express ourselves in harmless way, when I don’t like something or don’t want do certain things or wanted to do in another way? Or sending love means being kind with them?

Pls help me to understand sending love means what?


Ask these questions to yourself and you will get the answer.


Love, Affection and Harmony


It is light pink in color. For menopause problems Kunzite is very useful. It will teach a person love and affection.

Family harmony

Kunzite is anther gem remedy which is very helpful in restoring the harmony in the family. The rose quartz removes the hurt feelings in the house. Because of the hurt one becomes terribly angry and in rage. For that situation of anger and rage Kunzite is very useful. It is also very effective for family disputes.

Pink Tourmaline

It teaches intimate love.

Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire also promotes fidelity. Especially it works well in the relationship because in a relationship only fidelity is important. It is also good in partnership driven business.

If one wants his workers to be loyal with him he should take Green Sapphire.

Nine Gems

For autistic children Nine Gems can be given as a background remedy. The heart is longing for love. Even though the love is there, they cannot feel it and they behave in an uncontrolled manner. For such persons give Blue Sapphire for restriction of the behaviour and after two hours give Nine Gems.

Fever does not come down means then you can give Nine Gems.


Ruby must be used very carefully. In a family Ruby should not come because the key word is – break. Ruby should not be worn in the body permanently. Once in a while if you wear it is ok.

Relating well with a person


Why do you like somebody? It is because he or she gives you happiness.

  • I release my desire to seek happiness through him.

What is actually happening inside me?

The person might change. You could not like him then. If you do not get happiness because of the change in him then you do not want him to change.

  • Here, desire to control is operating. Release that.

I notice, now I have a desire to seek happiness through that person. Thus, everything is conditional, which is our (human) nature.

Ask the question, ‘What is the pleasure or pain that I operate from?’

Desire to control or change is always with us.

As long desire to control is operating, harmony cannot be established as it is compromised. Therefore, change your desire to control.

  • I release my desire to change him.
  • I release my anger about him.

Even if he says good things, you reject it for you do not want his approval (as you dislike him).

Don’t try to correct others


I’m a kind of assertive person, childish and pure at heart. But everyone mistakes my words and treats me as a rude/harsh person.

I know I’m a very kind at heart and speak like that for others benefit only. If “my people” are doing something wrong then I go and tell them and ask them to change. However, they understand it wrongly.

Please tell me how to get many ‘good’ friends, attract everyone who surrounds me, and make others understand who I’m really.


Don’t try to correct others.

Chant “TOGETHER DIVINE” as many times as possible

Sweets are good for family health


My husband yells at our son and me and blames my son or me for making his life miserable.

My son feels hurt and weeping, because he loves his father very much.

Today, my husband yelled at me because I requested him to help my son with his studies and said he would walk out of the house. He threatens me and my son like this, whenever he feels stressed.

Please suggest some switch words or remedies to help us all out of this mindset without creating any lasting damage to my son and to the relationship.


Chant “CHOCOLATE” to change misplaced and uncontrollable anger.  The switch word Chocolate can be helpful in defusing and removing unexpressed feelings also. It helps us to focus on the positive side in life.

Write “CHOCOLATE” in a paper and keep it under the pillow of both father and son.


Whenever possible, we chanted chocolate as a family.

I also put it under the pillow of father and son.

They are working together in Math and other things and taking care of each other.

Harmony and Love waiting @ your doorstep

Please read the first part of this article here:

To Create Harmony and Love in your life, affirm the following as many times as possible:

I thank the divine for aligning me with the divine order and love.

I thank the divine for keeping me in harmony and peace.

I thank the divine for getting love and affection.

I thank the divine for being appreciated.

I thank the divine for my tolerance and understanding.

I thank the divine for getting appreciated, and praised.

I thank the divine for changing me lovable and attractive.

I thank the divine for attracting kind, loving people.

I thank the divine for keeping me in a state of love, joy and peace of mind.

I thank the divine for aligning me in a centre of divine love.

I thank the divine for making me resonate with the centre of divine love.

I thank the divine for keeping me ever in a state of love and gratitude.

You have removed disharmony and in that place you have filled with harmony. This is the secret of ruling your mind – releasing and then affirming with what we want.

Now, you may wonder why we need to thank the divine, when there is no harmony yet! This is the secret of achieving things – thanking in advance what we want. The universe will give you what you want.

Good Luck!!!

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