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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Could you pls tell how to send love to someone whom we are not in touch with?what does sending love energy mean?

    • hello naran ji,
      i am so depressed…
      my in-laws knowingly do the things which irritates me..
      i loose my temper and become the culprit although i am not wrong
      plz help me

      • Balasundram Murugasen

        Dear Naran,
        I loving one person who is in long Distance. First of all i need to establish regular communication. Could you please suggest to me the Appropriate Switch words hence i will have a regular talks with my gf.

        Thanks and Appreciate

  2. cutie
    think about them thank them for their contribution to your life.
    visualise them and see them filled up with pink energy while mentally wishing them good things in life

  3. I want to divorce my wife as she is very abusive and I am physically handicapped. But she is not letting me go and threatening me on a regular basis. Which switchwords should I chant to be able to divorce her?

  4. I want to divorce my wife as she is very abusive and I am physically handicapped. But she is not letting me go and threatening me on a regular basis. Which switchwords should I chant to be able to divorce her?

  5. Dear Sir,

    I want to restore love and relationship with my love. We are not together now. Please help me

  6. Hi Naran Ji,

    I love a guy but he has commitment issues. Still he went ahead and got our kundali (horoscopes) matched, which suggest that we might have ego issues and clashes. And now he is scared. Please share SW or remedy to convince him for marriage and to increase his love and commitment for me. Divine thanks.

  7. I am married for 26 yrs.My husband is having illicit relationship.What can i do to end their relationship. And come back to me with full of love and care towards me nd my daughters

  8. My gf had broken up with me since more than 3 months B coz of Finincial stability for future I asked her for sometime to settle my self but during conversation it turn into arguments and miscommunication she taken wrong perception about me that I am not giving her commitment and not giving clearilty to her But it’s was just Misunderstanding . First 15 days we were in communication suddenly she stop communication than she blocked me on platform where I can contact her.
    Last time when we communicate she had feeling towards me like hate ,Aggression, And she feel I ditch her.
    But truly I love her and want back her to get marry each other. she had fears in her mind that parents will not accept due to my Financial condition and family brackground .

    Please suggest me switch words that I get her back into my life and spent our life together with commitment and marriage .

  9. I want to get back with my ex what should i chant?

  10. Hi Sir,
    I saw your healing mantras.I am undergone Ivf treatment for baby. 
    I am having gallstone.I am afraid if this creates any problem.
    Kindly tell me
    1. The mantra which will heal my gall bladder and gall stone.
    2. Mantra for getting successfull healthy pregnancy and healthy delivery for both me and baby.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Sir
    Namaskaram. ”

    THis is Lakshmi from Hyderabad. I am looking for a bride for my son. But we are not getting any suitable,good looking partner. what to chant

    I have talked to you last year and I was told to chant “CERAT WATERVIOLET”
    I am chanting daily but not getting any suitable good looking bride for my son(
    Please tell us.

  12. Dharmendra Pareek


    I quarreled and hurt the person i love the most. Now she is very angry with me for 4 months and does not even talk properly.

    Please help me to sort out this situation as I love her the most.

    Thanks & Regards

  13. My son is in 9th std, but he is not able to study, he finds very difficult to study, concentrate or remember. Pls help

  14. While searching for a online job since she has a small child, our daughter was defrauded of a large sum. The banks are not releasing the amount as per court order obtained by the police. Please suggest switchwords that as a mother I can chant on her behalf

  15. Hello Sir,
    I want to get rid of my financial problems. i have to look my old mother who is in mumbai and staying in rented house. i am working in dubai but not good salary. now in june i have to renew my visa. my boss is good but only in money matters he becomes wruthless. please help me. i want to talk to my boss regarding my visa renewal and salary increment. i have completed 4 years now and no increment whereas we are only staff of 2 here. please guide me as my boss should agree happily for visa renewal and increment. please guide me.

  16. I have a lot of health issues, however I dont seem to get the right doctor or correct medicines. I have zero energy everyday, and have to drag myself to do things. Finances are a huge problem. My hubby doesnt want to pay even for basic monthly exenses even though he earns a lot. I am trying, studying at this age to get a job to survive. Any pointers would be of great help. Thank you.

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