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Naran S Balakumar

  1. Could you pls tell how to send love to someone whom we are not in touch with?what does sending love energy mean?

  2. cutie
    think about them thank them for their contribution to your life.
    visualise them and see them filled up with pink energy while mentally wishing them good things in life

  3. Sir I want a job in an it company with good salary to repay my loans.

  4. Sir, I was sending you email previously and you asked me to post my comments here. I asked you switch word so that my husband takes me and my son back. You gave me ‘mustard divine love’ and ‘together swim sail glory devine”. My husband still talking and meeting but did not decide to take us back. Though if I don’t take his call he is restless but still he and his family don’t call us back. Everyday we talk on Skype and phone and we meet often. It seems he wants me to be always there but not to live with him. Kindly suggest me something.

  5. My ex and I recently spoke & saw eachother again & both have strong feelings. Is there a switchword set of words I can say to help us grow & keep our love & relationship/life together? If I have some doubts about switchwords will they still work or can I say something additionally to help? Thank you so much!

    • I want to divorce my wife as she is very abusive and I am physically handicapped. But she is not letting me go and threatening me on a regular basis. Which switchwords should I chant to be able to divorce her?

  6. Naranji
    Thanks for your help to the whole world
    My brother is staying away from my parents… not taking care of my parents
    Recently my father had stroke in leg still he didn’t call or take care of them
    So very small issue he is angry with everyone my parents are suffering a lot
    Pls give chant to reunite my brother and parents urgently help needed

  7. Fiona applegate

    Please help me with a chant. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a month, I only see him every two weeks when I drive 1 1/2 hr him when I get there we have sex and then that’s it for the weekend nothing else. He doesn’t compliment me ever and when I want a kiss he teases me. I’m so frustrated

  8. Dear Naran,
    Recently my to be wife decided to do a break up with me. We were getting married in Oct 2014, i still love her and still want to marry her. But she is angry and avoiding me. please help me as to what should i do to win her back.

    Please do let me know, i am waiting to receive help from you.

  9. Dear Naran,

    Mine is a love marriage and we led a very happy life for 1.5 years. Me and my husband are separated for 2 1/2 years. In this period, me and my parents tried our level best to talk to him and patch up the relationship. But he simply escapes from us and recently I received a divorce petition from him. I met him in the court after this long gap and he asked me to sign the mutual consent. Can you please help me out to get him back?

  10. Dear sir out of hob since Aug 2009 pls help financially tight have two daughters so can’t work outside pls suggest switch words that I can work from home with good salary some office job.

  11. Hello.

    Thanks Naran sir for Helping me with the SW you had asked me to chant “Bow concede clear reverse restore divine love and also to write I release the part of me which desires to receive love a, I open the part of me which gives love ” 21 times(which I follow with faith and trust) for the query about me relationship with a person who is not confident about our relationship and he always says that he might leave me and go anytime, lets see how many days and I should be ready to face if he is with some other female as his parents will not allow him to be alone as he is separated from his wife. He was very good with me last year accepting me as his wife now since 6 months he says that we will not be happy if we are under one roof as husband and wife. He tells he do not know how many days we both will be together like this..I really need your help in getting him back to my life permanently as he was with me an year,he should not think of breaking our relationship.Pls help me I cannot not be without him. He should propose me for marriage and start leaving as husband and wife. He should approach me for marriage. Kindly help.He is now with me only for his pleasure and enjoyment I agree for this because I love him so much and cant think life without him. He was so caring and loving with me and with my kids now he don’t even ask about them nor help me financially. He says you have to take care of your things alone. He was behaving with my kids as father only.i want all those things back from him.Pls help am ready to do anything to get him back as he was earlier.Pls help you are my last hope Naran sir.


  12. Hello
    Me and my girl broke up in Jan 2014 .I have been trying to get back with her ever since but not with great available.Sometimes we talk and sometimes she is reluctant.Recently she messaged me saying I am wasting my time with her and she never wants to be back.But I love her and know she is the one.Please help me with this issue so we are back together as the break up was just because of some misunderstandings and also due to this issue I am unable to concentrate on my other parts of life.


  13. satinder sahota

    I and my best friend we fight a lot.we had a relation and now I m married… But we r still very good friend, we fight soo much and both of us ego problem.. What should I chant to finish the fight and be good friends again..

  14. Hi Naran,

    I love someone and after some efforts made by him to convince his parents, they are not accepting due to caste n society issues. My parents aking me to move on. But i really love him and he does too but his confidence has gone down due to his fathers social examples.Please suggest what i should do so that our parents accept us and arrange our marriage happily themselve.

  15. I am in a beautiful relationship with someone for the least 20 years. He is from another community and was always saying he couldn’t Marry me I made peace with maintaing a status quo, where both would be together without marrying but now he’s planning on marrying someone from his community because of various reasons. How can I stop this. Because I’m unable to bear this separation . Please help. It’s urgent

  16. Hello Naran Ji,

    I am going to give banking exams this year. Please suggest some mantra so that I am able to clear my exams and start a career in banking.

    Thank you in advance.

  17. The lady I love is angry on me and I have tried all my level best but she is not at all ready to listen and not even ready to give us a chance. She thinks I will give her trauma but I have always thought only about her better career and future. I have guided her for the best but she thinks it’s a restriction to her freedom. I have tried all that is possible but she does not even respond. I need help to save this relationship, as I believe we both can be the perfect couple. Please help me.

  18. Sir my ancestors property is illegal taken by outside person so please suggest a switch word that the person will give our property back

  19. A friend of mine is into depression. Her boyfriend is no longer taking to her and he seems to have changed a lot though he loves her but due to his family pressures he has stopped talking to her. He is too stressed himself. Pls advice a switch word which will make him behave the way he used to and get back to her.

  20. I have been in love with some one who loves me deeply. Suddenly she distance herself from me. How to get back very closely also to have regular communication by using Switch words?

  21. Jee, i m from Msia but i m having very deep connection with my gf from India. I want to have a regular chat with full of love. She is a very wonderful person. If she is being with me in a regular communication i found my spirit and confident is very high. Please advise me what is the Switch Words suitable.

  22. Dear Naran, i m in love with one person from india, i m from Malaysia. I want a regular communication from her. Please give appropriate switch words which could help me to resolve this problem. So that i can have regular chat communication from her.

  23. BalasBalasundram

    Dear Naran, i have gf in india, due to few problems previously she is not that much interest to chat with me. I m living her sincerely. I want a regular chat and communication from Her.
    Can you please give me an appropriate switch words so that we both would be more close and loves each other .

  24. I want to divorce my wife as she is very abusive and I am physically handicapped. But she is not letting me go and threatening me on a regular basis. Which switchwords should I chant to be able to divorce her?

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