Restore lost love


I am married for 26 years and my husband is having illicit relationships with women all these years. My relatives and friends wanted me to divorce. But somehow I could never do it.

Now, we have three grown up kids and he continues this way. Please give me a mantra where I can save my husband from these women and live a God-fearing life.


Download a picture of black vulture and paste his name or photo on it. This will rectify the person who philanders with other girls.



CORAL for infatuation and temptation for extra-sensory pleasures

Reclaim (RESTORE) the lost love in MAGNANIMITY by shedding the ego (BE TINY) to love with SWEETNESS in the heart


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. vineeta Bhatnagar

    Thank you naran ji ….I actually opened the blog for solution for similar problem.and voila! The first post I saw was the answer to the problem .thanks to god and thanks to you.

  2. Dear Naran,
    My husband is having illicit relations with various women since many years,i am his second wife,he cheated his first wife who died,then he used a girl n left her after he found me,he has been cheating me,lying to me,hiding things n money from me,has no emotional attachment or love for me,n now after he and his mother threw me out of the house,he has found another woman n now wants to get married to her,because she is earning lots of money,he says he has filed for divorce with me,he also wants to leave me in a bad way,he says he has proof that i have beaten him n his parents,this way only he can get rid of me without paying me any alimony to continue my life. I love him very much,always have but he kept on cheating me n other women,i dont want to divorce him n want to continue my marriage with him,(his mother is instigating him to get married to that woman as she will bring money n lots of jewellery to the house) n his mother n father n he (my husband) are all against me because i never gave any dowry,i want my husband back so that we can have a happy n peaceful life,i want him to be sincere,loving,caring,honest n faithful dedicated to me,please help me,i truly love him n want him to stop using other women. Awaiting an urgent response from you at the earliest. Which switch words or techniques can i use to bring him back to me please,can i do the black vulture picture with my husbands name or pic on it,please? Where do i have to keep this pic etc,please give details,i will do anything to get him back.
    Thank you so much

  3. I forgot to mention that presently i am living in his house,n with consulting a lawyer he has stopped paying me monthly pocket money n does not give me food to eat at home,he says i have to look after myself,as i am not in a position to work,or he will get me into trouble by law,i have to maintain myself with some savings or asking my family for money. My mother in law is very very evil n greedy for money n my husband is like her,at any cost they want me out of their house,i want good relations with his parents n children (from first marriage) n very good relation with my husband,please help

  4. Hello Naran,
    On 17th march,evening i had written to you regarding my marital problem,but have not heard from you,one solution is given above but there are few things i need to know for which i was waiting for your answer. I do understand you are very busy helping other people in distress as well,ibut i request you tpo please take sometime out n reply to me so that i can start the process,thanking you in anticipation.


  5. greta if you don’t mind want to tell you i feel strongly that yours husband is a good person and you are a jealous women who is blaming him a lot .and telling all his past and bad thing in front of net where every body is watching it .my dear sister listen carefully may god shiva bless you , firstly if you really love yours husband stop blaming him , then start respecting him ,give respect to yours mother in law , scarifies yours want only you , you come in his house as knowing every thing , you are not a child who is milk feeding be more mature , if you give respect and will get same and for mantra i will give to you : pray god sorry for my did help to make me good person and help me get my family love . chant it daily 11 times a day till you get result

  6. I want to get back my lover. Is there any Switch words

  7. Hello – can you please tell me how to undo or reverse this spell ?

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