Communication with Dear Ones


Does 5 AM signify anything? Can I send msg to someone (communication gap) by using tapping?


Download the tapping picture from any site. Write the name of the person. Start tapping


Actually I want him to contact me either on net or phone as I don’t have any way to contact him. So I need to know during tapping what I have to affirm.


1. One should tap oneself first. Tap stating “TOGETHER I accept myself totally”.

This acceptance releases our resistance.

When the desire to change anything or any person operates, the mind is in conflict. The other part of the mind knows that it is futile to change anything. The desiring mind, wants to change everything.

The reality is one has to accept what is happening, releasing the desire to change. Then only our wish or intention or command can have any effect on other person.

Wishing or healing the wish is the only option available to us. Manifestation is unpredictable.

2. Do on the paper with the tapping points printed.

Use your wish as a command word.

For example, “Talk to me.  Contact (name of the person) now”.

3. Affirm, “I accept totally what is done by the divine”.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir!
    I am always comparing mentally now-a-days.anything if my cousin is there next to me my mind starts oh!! she has much better job than me.if i see my class mates doing well i feel sad and think why i am not having same position.i know that this is bad.and i want to stop comparing but cannot.any bach remedy so i donot start comparing and contrasting everyone i meet.

  2. sir

    pls explain the above tapping process


    Yesterday i was not able to contact my husband for more than 2 hours as his cell was not reachable.I was very upset. Then i just requested Naran mentally to make him contactable & surprisingly after few mins i was able to talk to him

  4. pls help me d process of tapping coz has been 5months my future husband dnt wt call me…he hv blok me frm his hp. i realy want him contact me pls

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