Sending Love


It’s a very wonderful article – “Relationship with Your Parents = Relationship with Others”:

How can we have good relationships with in-laws? Why always there is some insecurity, disharmony in this relationship?

Parents of a girl and parents of a boy, both should be treated equally. After all both are parents. If one be grateful for his/her parents, does the relationship with in-laws will also improve?

Why after marriage of a son, parents get usually upset?  They start seeing faults, blaming son and daughter-in-law even for small things. How one can be perfect this much? Even son and daughter-in-law may have same feeling for them!

How both can have normal relationship (unconditional) with each other?


In any healing, one should think about oneself only.

One should give love irrespective of whether he is receiving love or being blamed or criticized.

Expecting others to behave as per our wish will not work because each one is different – each one’s background, learning, upbringing, views and opinions are totally different. Only opposites are attracted to be in one place, so that we learn the art of living in co-existence within a family.

How to change oneself by asking some relevant questions?

Where am I now? There is disharmony in the family.

What do I want? I want harmony in the family.

How do I maintain this problem? Or how do I contribute – my thoughts, my opinions, and my behavior, to this disharmony?

Or what is in me that maintains this disharmony?

How can I get harmony?

How will I change to get harmony?

Why can’t I solve it?

How could I make this harmony possible?

What is required to have harmony?

You said that one should give love irrespective of whether he is receiving or being blamed or criticized. That is fine!

Sending love means what? Is it always thinking well about in-laws, parents, loved ones or is it seeing good in them or is it always to say “yes” to them, whatever they expect from me?

Are we allowed to express ourselves in harmless way, when I don’t like something or don’t want do certain things or wanted to do in another way? Or sending love means being kind with them?

Pls help me to understand sending love means what?


Ask these questions to yourself and you will get the answer.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. my sisters daughter aditi is not well . she is just 1/half year old .aditi is not eating and drinking any thing and also having fever and water infection and just crying a lot.the nagpur climate is very very hot .my sister and her kids aditi and aditya cannot stay there . and there doctor told to go back to ahmednagar . so we are bring them back . please guruji i need your chant (help)
    now for bringing them safe home in ahmadnagar and for my sisters daughter aditi to be well and ok please guruji needing your help very very much right now please guru help me
    i am tapping on my self while taking aditis name and chanting hare rama hare krishna but i donot known its working or not. right now the doctor are not there to treat her
    please naran guruji right now can you do tapping for aditi to be well.

    naran guruji i need your and divine help now

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  3. I am a divorcee And have a son.i met a man who wanted to committ for marriage in two months initially but is now hesitant to accept my child and wants me to send him to a boarding school.i really want your help as i want to get remarried and resettled with a genuine man.please advice

  4. Francisca Dsouza

    My mother does not speak to me and everytime tells me to leave the house

  5. Hello sir
    My married life is not happy.because my husband always disrespected and insult to me .he always say l want to divorce. and this reason fight with me and say leave my home .I spend lot of time in my parents home without my child.sir I want to solution. What can do handle this situation.

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